Quick & Simple Guide to Creatine

November 19, 2016

A lot of people have asked me about what supplements I recommend, and one of the few you will ever see me suggest is creatine. This is because many supplements are good for little other than scheming you out of your hard-earned money, but creatine is one of the few that has an enormous body of research behind it and has proven effective not only for training and muscle-building, but for health as…


Why You Should NOT Make Your Own Workouts As A Beginner

July 30, 2016

  **This post was transcribed from this video.** What’s up everyone, Lady J here and today’s article is about why you should NOT create your own workout as a beginner.  If you had financial problems, legal issues, or a concern with your health, which do you think would give you a higher chance of success: coming up with your own plan; or following the advice of an authority in the field who has…


How to Build Strength and Muscle with Minimal Equipment

October 14, 2015

Is a lack of equipment keeping you from attempting to pursue your goals? The truth is, you can increase your strength and improve your body with very little (if any) investment. Read on to find out more. Calisthenics The cheapest and most easily available equipment you have to build strength and muscle is your own body weight. A lot of people tend to think of body weight exercises (a.k.a. calisthenics)…


11 Reasons Every Woman Should Lift

September 10, 2015

Lifting weights is probably one of the best activities a woman could ever do to improve her body and well-being. Despite this, many of us are resistant to lifting weights because we are afraid of becoming “bulky,” and thus, losing our femininity to muscle. I admit to being guilty of thinking this way in the past and being unaware of the true benefits resistance training has for the female body. For years I held myself back so as not…


The Secret to Choosing A Diet That Works

Roasted quail with carrots and potatoes
February 27, 2015

Are you confused by the multitude of diets claiming that they are the answer to the World’s obesity epidemic? If so, you will be pleased to discover that in 2014, a meta-analysis of several studies comparing popular diets revealed which diet is the best for fat loss: none. That’s right, not a single one can claim to be the most effective. The participants in the aforementioned studies generally experienced the same amount of fat…


A Beginner Lifter’s Guide: Gym Gear

A locker with a gym bag inside
February 19, 2015

Are you a bit unsure of exactly what you need to get started with lifting? In this gear guide, we will breakdown a few things that you might want to consider when deciding on your gym-specific-gear. Clothing It actually really doesn’t matter. Some people like their clothes to fit a bit loosely, and some like their clothes to fit very well. Basically, it comes down to: wear what you are comfortable in. It is…