Making the Best of Myfitnesspal

February 4, 2016

I must warn you, this article might come across as a bit of a rant against Myfitnesspal. It has been instrumental in helping many people keep track of their diets (including me). But, I believe its imperfections have also contributed to the downfall of many unaware newbies seeking to get their bodies in order. Let me explain. Get Rid of Myfitnesspal’s Suggested Goals The most important area to begin is knowing where you should start in…


A Case for Counting Calories

November 15, 2015

Some people claim calorie counting is obsessive, behavior consistent with an eating disorder, difficult, and inconvenient. This post is meant to challenge that opinion. This is because I firmly believe that counting calories is a direct route to achieving your ideal body composition and performance goals. Consider this: if someone were looking to improve their budget because their spending has gone awry and they have accumulated massive debt, would you advise them not to track their expenses?…